Model 6/2/6

2 compartment rectangular chamber with optional bunk



ETC Will Refurbish, Upgrade, or Modify Any Sterilizer.

ETC Sterilizer Service & Support has the capability and expertise to refurbish, upgrade, or modify any sterilizer make or model. Work is performed in accordance with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or ETC technology. Prior to any sterilizer upgrade, refurbishment, or modification, a pressure test is performed on the chamber and jacket (if applicable) to determine the structural integrity and ensure that the sterilization system will have an effective life.

ETC’s Sterilizer Upgrades and Refurbishing Services Include:

  • Convert Gravity Displacement to High Vacuum Steam sterilization.
  • Repackage mechanical equipment & process piping.
  • Convert process piping & components from brass to stainless steel.
  • Replace proprietary control systems with non-proprietary PLC control systems.
  • Ethylene Oxide 12/88% to Ethylene Oxide 10/ 90% or 100% (100% available on industrial-sized sterilizers only).
  • Modify conventional sterilizers with true Air Over Pressure features and cycles.
  • Install “Green Conservation Features”.


Calibration Services

ETC offers a variety of services for its customers’ validation needs, from individual component electrical calibration to full loop control system calibration. In addition, ETC can establish a program that is suitable to the customer’s requirements on an annual, semi-annual, or quarterly basis.
This program consists of calibration with NIST traceable standards, full pre- and post-calibration documentation of measures values, and complete calibration and adjustment procedure documentation. Calibration services are available for temperature, pressure, humidity, rpm, and flow measurements with either voltage or current outputs. Certificates of calibration for each standard used are kept on file at ETC and copies are provided, if required by the customer.